2nd Advanced Materials Science World Congress 2021

    June 14-15, 2021 VIRTUAL MEET | DIGITAL EVENT

    Advanced Materials Science 2021 conference

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    Peers alley Conferences is vigorously invites you to the “2nd Advanced Materials Science World Congress 2021” scheduled to be held on June 14-15, 2021 Berlin, Germany. This conference has a vital feature to the global Keynote Forum, Distinguished Speakers Forum, Plenary Speakers, Young Research Forum, Poster Sessions, Student Forum, Technical Workshop, Symposia, Start-up opportunities and meet the Professors on different phases of Materials science. Advanced Materials Science 2021 is a greatest platform to bring together leading academic researchers, professionals, research scholars, students and industrialists from all over the world to exchange and share all the advances, latest developments, cutting edge research in all aspects of Materials Science. Participating at Advanced Materials Science 2021 gives an approach to meet and build connections with an elite group of different Materials Science professionals to enhance your intellect.

    about Advanced Materials Science 2021 conference
    Advanced Materials Science 2021 Conference

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    Peers Alley Media Giora Z Feuerstein

    Giora Z Feuerstein

    Debina Diagnostics Inc, USA

    Peers Alley Media Rong Liu

    Rong Liu

    Carleton University, Canada

    Peers Alley Media Solomon Hanson Duntu

    Solomon Hanson Duntu

    York University, Canada

    Peers Alley Media Xijia Wu

    Xijia Wu

    National Research Council , Canada

    Conference Highlights

    Scope & Importance

    Market Analysis

    Materials Science Market Overview


    Overall, the U.S. dental materials market was valued at approximately $1.4 billion in 2016. This is expected to increase over the forecast period at a CAGR of 4% to exceed $1.8 billion.

    The Material Testing Market is segmented on the basis of Material Type, End-User Type, Product Type, and Regional Analysis. Material type is segmented on the basis of Plastics, Metal, Ceramics and Composites, Rubber and Elastomer and Others. The Materials testing market is projected to increase more than $786 Million by 2023 at a CAGR of 5% in the given estimate period.

    The U.S. fencing market is estimated to reach $11,687.7 million by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. A booming construction industry for the residential and commercial buildings in the country is acting as a foremost catalyst in helping the market grow. The majority of demand for fences originates in the same sector as security and privacy concerns are on the rise. The demand for U.S. fencing market is estimated to gain traction owing to the growing residential sector and real estate developments. The market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.4% over the forecast period.

    The armor materials market is anticipated to grow from projected $8.67 Billion in 2017 to $ 12.11 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 6.92% during the forecast period. The growth of this market is mainly attributed to the changing battlefield scenarios and development of highly developed weapons and ammunition which in turn is expected to lead to an raise in the demand for better and more effective armor solutions. On the basis of application, the armor materials market has been classified into body armor, civil armor, vehicle armor, aerospace armor and marine armor. The body armor segment is estimated to grow at the highest CAGR between 2017 and 2022. Based on region, the armor materials market has been segmented into South America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa. North America is the biggest market for armor materials and is anticipated to continue to lead the market by 2022. The US is a foremost armor materials end user in the region as well as globally, owing to rising homeland security concerns due to terrorism. The Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing market for armor materials driven by increasing defense budgets, military modernization programs, rising tensions between countries in the region, along with terrorism and insurgency incidents.

    The growth potential of different dental material markets will vary significantly between 2016 and 2023. Markets can be separated into three categories according to their expected growth rates. The first category is composed of direct restoratives, dental cements and dental local anesthetics, which is driving the market forward with higher-than-average expansion. The second category encompasses core build-up materials, impression and bonding agents, which will maintain a steady, but slower growth rate. The final category includes the declining temporary restorative materials segment, which is declining as a consequence of the increasing popularity of CAD/CAM dentistry.


    Advanced Materials usually have more properties than conventional materials available. They can outperform conventional materials, in terms of their applications. They are materials that are new or have undergone modifications in existing materials to gain better performance with respect to one or more characteristics that are essential for the applications under consideration. According to the report, the universal Advanced Materials market was valued at US$ 42.76 Bn in 2015 and is estimated to reach US$ 102.48 Bn by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 10.4% between 2016 and 2024.

    The Europe Nanomaterial Market generated revenue of $2,536 million in 2015 and is estimated to achieve $9,078 million by 2022 with a CAGR of 20.0% during 2016-2022. The report focuses on recent market trends and future growth opportunities of nanomaterials in industries. It also emphasizes the various types of nanomaterials that are commercially available in the market, namely, carbon based, oxides, dendrimers, nanoclay, and nanocellulose. It also analyzes the current market trends of nanomaterials in different countries in Europe and suggests the future growth opportunities by analyzing government regulations & policies, which can further increase the consumer acceptance in that region.

    The Europe Smart materials exhibit responsiveness in a controlled manner in environments that change. With a unique molecular structure, smart materials react to a wide range of external stimuli such as pressure, temperature, electric fields, magnetic fields, moisture, and chemicals. The Europe Smart Materials market growth is 12.1% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2023.

    The high demands of material testing in various industries are driving the material testing market. The material testing market is expected revenue of $ 633.6 Million in 2017 and is estimated to achieve $785.7 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2017-2022.

    Europe Building Materials market, By Product: Lumber generated over USD 70 billion income in 2017. Lumber or timber has become an essential material among other products due to its excellent mechanical characteristics. It is essential to attain the FSC-certification, as these labelling offers product performance guarantee. Hardwood and softwood are the basic types used in the construction market for excellent structural forming. Lumber components are extensively used in making and framing structures of housing roofs, furniture, and the outer basic structure mostly fuelling Europe building materials market size.


    Asia Pacific is a key exporter, with China, Taiwan, and Japan emerging as leading manufacturing countries. The market presents low barriers to new entrants in terms of technology and raw material supply. However, these players face the challenge of sustaining in a highly competitive environment formed by well-established existing players with a large customer base.

    The plastic fasteners segment is likely to exhibit a CAGR of 5.6% over the projected period, on account of their rising application scope in the automotive industry. Application of these products in automotive manufacturing reduces overall vehicle production cost and weight, thereby improving performance and reducing carbon footprint.

    Phase Change Materials (PCMs) constitute the largest growing material type with a robust 20% CAGR in the global market for Smart Materials. The growing application of structural products in applications, such as electronics cooling, shipping and packaging, building resources and energy storage would further propel demand for these materials. Piezoelectric Materials corner is the largest share of the global Smart materials market, accounting for a forecast 66% share in 2018.

    The Asia Pacific industrial fasteners market size was projected at $31.22 billion in 2017. The product plays a essential role in the largest part major industries, including shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery. Rapid growth of these industries on account of increasing mechanization in residential and industrial construction is expected to propel product demand.

    Smart Materials constitute a class of advanced materials capable of sensing and responding to a wide variety of stimuli that can include nuclear radiation, electric and magnetic fields, temperature, pressure, mechanical stress, hydrostatic pressure and pH change. This next generation of intelligent materials displays adaptive capabilities and alters its physical properties such as viscosity, shape and stiffness in a specified manner. Smart Materials have multiple functionalities, such as self-adaptability, self-sensing, self-healing and memory, which allow them to be used in a variety of applications.

    Target Audience

    • Doctors, Professors, Researchers, Alumni and Technical staff from the field Materials Science Engineering
    • Delegates from different materials companies
    • Members of different Materials science societies and associations
    • Members of nanotechnology associations.
    • Eminent Scientists of Materials Science and Engineering
    • Materials Industrialists 
    • Materials Science and Nanotechnology Students
    • Physicists/Chemists
    • Junior & Senior research fellows of Materials Science/ Nanotechnology
    • Materials Science Experts
    • Directors/Co-Directors of Research-based companies across Europe and US who are investing in Materials Science, Nano Technology, Green Materials and Graphene
    • Engineers and Delegates from Materials Science and Energy Materials companies
    • Material Engineers
    • Academicians
    • Materials Science and Nanotechnology Scientists/ Researchers
    • Chemical Engineers

    Materials Science Associations & Societies in USA

    Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials/Canadian Association for Composite Structures/National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors/Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates/Canadian Welding Bureau/Association of Women in the Metal Industries/Canadian Association of Importers & Exporters/Aluminium Association of Canada/Canadian Steel Producers Association/Canadian Foundry Association/The Mining Association of Canada/Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association/Associations-Agway Metals Inc/Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Association/Mining Associations and Organizations/Canadian Steel Producers Association/Aluminum Association of Canada/British Columbia Sheet Metal Association/Canadian Association of Surface Finishing/Canadian Construction Association/Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association/Precision Metalforming Association/The National Coil Coating Association/Fabricators & Manufacturers Association/Brazilian Metallurgy and Metals Association/Brazilian steel association/Materials Research Society/American Chemical Society/The American Ceramic Society/Metallurgy & Materials Society/Nano Canadian Society/American Nano Society: Nanotechnology Community/The Ontario Clay and Glass Association/American Society for Composites/Polymer Processing Society/ International Association of Advanced Materials/Metals & Materials Association/International Association of Nanotechnology/Nanotechnology Industries Association/Centre for Advanced Materials/United States Advanced Ceramics Association/Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology/American Composites Manufacturers Association/International Art Materials Association/Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining/Nanotechnology Industries Association/Advanced Materials Research Center/The Ontario Clay and Glass Association/Canadian Association for Composite Structures/Canadian Plastics Industry Association/Association of Power Producers Of Ontario/Canadian Construction Association/Canadian Electricity Association/The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association/Canadian Nuclear Association/Canadian Geothermal Energy Association/The Mining Association of Canada/Canada Fuel Cell Industry Developments/Canadian Plastics Industry Association/Canadian Solar Industries Association/Nova Scotia Offshore Energy Research Association/Green Energy-Canadian Environmental Law Association/International Association for Hydrogen Energy/Mar-Bal Composites Industry Associations/Energy Bar Association/Brazilian Polymers Association/The Association of Plastic Recyclers/Alberta Plastics Recycling Association/Canadian Association of Recycling Industries/The Polymer and Composites Industry Association

    Materials Science Societies in Europe

    Flexible Packaging Association/The British Composites Society/Composites UK/UK Pottery Associations/Craft Potters Association/Northern Potters Association/Westcountry Potters Association/Craft Potters Association of Great Britain/Branch Association Polymers/Italian Industry Association for Composite Materials/Spanish Association of Plastics Industry/European Plastics Converters/Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics/Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association/Association of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures/European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)/International Association for Energy Economics/Spanish Renewable Energy Association/Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers/German Energy Storage Association/German Solar Industry Association/German Association of Energy and Water/German Solar Association/The German Building Materials Association/Association of German Dental Manufacturers/German Association of the Automotive Industry/Construction Products Association/Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association/Natural Materials Association board/Advanced Porous Materials Association/French-Chinese Association of Energy/The Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative Association/Italian Association for Metallurgy/London Materials Society/The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining/Materials Societies Oxford Materials/Royal Society of Chemistry/European Materials Research Society/Oxford University Materials Society/Polish Materials Science Society/Polish Society for Biomaterials/European Ceramic Society/European Society for Biomaterials/Society for Biomaterials/Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials/The German Ceramic Society/European Society for Composite Materials/The Polymer Society/Society of Chemical Industry/Wey Ceramics Society/The Oriental Ceramic Society (OCS)/Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society (TACS)/United Kingdom Society for Biomaterials/Energy Materials Group/European Materials Research Society/The Federation of European Materials Societies/German Engineering Materials Science Centre/Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology/European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association/Nanotechnology Industries Association/European Nanotechnology Trade Association/The Federation of European Materials/The European Ceramic Industry Association/The European Composites Industry Association/European Association for ETICS/European Plastics Distributors Association/Polymer Associations/Ceramic Association of La Borne/Association of Advanced Ceramics French Manufacturers/Associations of Ceramics Cities/Morbi Ceramic Association/Nanotechnology Industries Association/European Plastics Distributors Association/Plastics Industry Association/Trade Associations/New German Plastics Federation/European Bioplastics e.V/The German Ceramic Society/Composites Germany/German Association of Nanotechnology/The British Plastics Federation (BPF)/Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association/The Telford Polymer Association/Rubber and plastic trade associations/Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association/Rubber and Plastic Research Association (RAPRA)/Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA)

    Materials Science Societies in Asia

    China Scrap Plastic Association/China Plastics Piping Association/Japan Chemical Industry Association/Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association/Japan Flavour and Fragrance Materials Association/China Insulation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association/China Building Materials Industry Association/Functional Materials (Singapore) Committee/Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore/Hong Kong Energy Conservation Association/Hong Kong-International Association for Energy Economics/International Council of Chemical Association/Hong Kong Construction Materials Association/Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers/The Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association/Hong Kong Precious metals traders association/China nonferrous metals industry association/China Iron and Steel Association/Japan Mining Industry Association/Japan Metal Stamping Association/Japan Stainless steel Association/Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association/Japan Chemical Fibers Association/China carbon fiber and composites association/Association of Malaysian Medical Industries/Materials and Energy Research Center/Building Materials Distributors Association/Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation/Malaysia scrap metal association/African Materials Research Society/Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research/Chinese Materials Research Society/Materials Research Society of Singapore/Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science/Asian Crystallographic Association/Materials Research Society of Serbia/Korean Society for Composite Materials/The Korean Ceramic Society/The Chinese society for metals/Asian Australasian Association for Composite Materials/Asia Pacific Academy of Materials/Asian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association/Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists/Korea Fine Ceramic Association/Shanghai Ceramics Association/China Ceramic Industry Association Manufacturers/Shandong Ceramics Association/Asian Polymer Association/Asia Superabsorbent Polymers Industry Association/Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association/The Japan Plastics Industry Federation/Japan Urethane Raw Materials Association/Thermosetting Plastics Industry Association/Japan Fluoropolymers Industry Association/Japan Styrene Industry Association/Polyethylene pipe and fittings for facility water association/Japan BioPlastics Association/Glass Fiber Association of Japan/The Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association/Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association/The Japan Society of Polymer Processing/Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA)

    Materials Science Societies in Middle East

    Iran National Plastic Association/National Association of polymers and plastics industries/Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producer Association/Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute/Turkish Chemical Manufacturer's Association/Turkish Steel Exporters' Association/Istanbul Minerals & Metals Exporters Association/Industrial Fabrics Association/Iranian Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society/Iranian Nanotechnology Society/Turkish Ceramics Federation/Iranian Scientific Association of Energetic Materials/Materials and Energy Research Center/Foundational meeting of the Association of Materials Science/Iran Renewable Energy Association/Iranian Scientific Association of Energitic Materials/Iranian Cement Industry Association/Iranian Geothermal Energy Association

    Materials Science Journals

    Journal of Advanced Materials-SAMPE/International Journal of Advanced Materials Research-Publons/Journal of Materials & Design Elsevier/Journal of Materials & Design -ScienceDirect/Materials and Design-Scimago/Journal of Nanotechnology-Hindawi/Journal of Nanotechnology-Springer/Nanotechnology Journals-AzoNano/Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology: SAGE Journals/Nanomaterials-MDPI/Journal of Nanomaterials-Hindawi/Journal of Nanomaterials-Scimago/Nanomaterials publications-Materials Today/Energy Materials-Taylor & Francis Online/Advanced Energy Materials-Wiley Online Library/Journal of Energy Storage Materials-Elsevier/Energy publications-Materials Today/Journal of Ceramics International-Elsevier/Journal of Advanced Ceramics- Springer/European Journal of Material Sciences/ACS Nano/Journal of Materials Chemistry A/Journal of Materials Chemistry B/Nature Nanotechnology/Progress in Materials Science/Progress in Polymer Science/Materials Horizons/Materials science publications-Materials Today/Elsevier's materials related journals/European Journal of Scientific Research/European Journal of Materials Science-Taylor & Francis Online/Journal of Materials Science-Springer/Materials Horizons-Royal Society of Chemistry/Journal of Composite Materials-SAGE Publications Ltd/Nature Materials/Journal of Materials Science and Research-Gavin Publishers/European Journal of Material Sciences (EJMS)-EA Journals/Frontiers in Materials Chemistry-A/European Journal-Wiley Online Library/Journals-IOPscience/International Journal of Material Forming-Springer/Advanced Materials-Wiley Online Library/Advanced Materials-Scimago/Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices-Elsevier/Advanced Materials Research-Scientific.net/Advanced Materials-Wiley VCH/Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices-Sciencedirect/Advanced Materials-Phys.org/Advanced Materials Letters-VBRI Press/REVIEWS ON ADVANCED MATERIALS SCIENCE-De Gruyter/Science of Advanced Materials-ASP

    Materials Science Universities in USA

    University of Illinois/University of California/Cornell University/University of Michigan/Pennsylvania State University/Carnegie Mellon University/Carnegie Mellon University/Binghamton University/Boise State University/Boston University/Brown University/Auburn University/McGill University/McMaster University/Queen's University/Royal Military College of Canada/Ryerson University/University of Toronto/University of Waterloo/University of Windsor/University of São Paulo/The University of Campinas/Federal University of São Carlos/Federal University of Minas Gerais/Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul/Federal University of Santa Catarina/National Autonomous University of Mexico/Northwestern University/Stanford University/University of California

    Materials Science Universities in Europe

    ETH Zurich/Warsaw University of Technology/AGH University of Science and Technology/Wrocław University of Science and Technology/University of Patras/University of Ioannina/University of Crete/University of Rijeka/University of Leoben/Vienna University of Technology/Graz University of Technology/Catholic University of Leuven/Ghent University/University Catholique of Louvain/National Metallurgical Academy Of Ukraine/Uppsala University/Chalmers University of Technology/The Norwegian University of Science and Technology/Charles University in Prague/Czech Technical University in Prague/Brno University of Technology/Politehnica University of Bucharest/Technical University of Denmark/Aarhus University/Aalto University/University of Helsinki/Tampere University of Technology/University of Oxford/University of Cambridge/Imperial College London/The University of Sheffield/University of Birmingham/Queen Mary University of London/Queen's University Belfast/Bangor University/Brunel University London/Sheffield Hallam University/University of Southampton/University of Bristol/Nottingham Trent University/Cardiff University/University of Leeds/University of Glasgow/Loughborough University/University of Exeter/Swansea University/Dresden University of Technology/RWTH Aachen University/University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/The Technical University of Munich/University of Münster/The Technische Universität Darmstadt/The University of Bologna/The Sapienza University/Polytechnic University of Turin/The Polytechnic University of Milan/University of Paris-Saclay/PSL Research University/University of Lyon/Languedoc-Roussillon Universities/University of Barcelona/Polytechnic University of Catalonia/The University of the Basque/The Autonomous University of Barcelona/Autonomous University of Madrid/Delft University of Technology/Eindhoven University of Technology/Utrecht University/University of Groningen

    Materials Science Universities in Asia

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology/Korea University/Seoul National University/Pohang University of Science and Technology/Sungkyunkwan University/Hanyang University/University of Malaya/UniversitiSains Malaysia/Universiti Putra Malaysia/UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia/Tohoku University/University of Tokyo/Kyoto University/Osaka University/Kyushu University/Hokkaido University/East China University of Science and Technology/Dalian University of Technology/Wuhan University of Technology/Lanzhou University/Shandong University/Donghua University/Universitas Indonesia/National University of Singapore/Nanyang Technological University/Nanyang Polytechnic/Singapore University of Technology/City University of Hong Kong/The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Materials Science Universities in Middle East

    Technion Israel Institute of Technology/Ben-Gurion University of the Negev/Kuwait College of Science & Technology/Iran University of Science & Technology/Isfahan University of Technology/Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT)/University of Tehran/Islamic Azad University/Sharif University of Technology/Istanbul Technical University/Middle East Technical University/King Abdullah University of Science & Technology/King Saud University/King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals/Ain Shams University/Qatar University

    Materials Science Institutes in USA

    California Institute of Technology/Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Virginia polytechnic institute and state university/Georgia Institute of Technology/Illinois Institute of Technology/Air Force Institute of Technology

    Materials Science Institutes in Europe

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne/Royal Institute of Technology/The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


    Materials Science Institutes in Asia

    Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology/Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/KTH Royal Institute of Technology/Tokyo Institute of Technology/Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/Harbin Institute of Technology

    Materials Science Institutes in Middle East

    Israel Institute of Technology/Weizmann Institute of Science/Israel Institute of Metals/American University of Sharjah


    Materials Science Companies in USA

    American Elements/Amphibian Systems/Amprius/AMRI-Albany Molecular Research/Amtech Systems/AnaSpec/Anatech/Anchor Semiconductor/Anderson & Steinssen/Angstrom Sciences/Angstron Materials/10 Angstroms/3D Systems/3DIcon/3DM/4Wave/A & A Company/Abeam Technologies/Accelergy/Accium/ACS Material/Aculon/ADA Technologies/Advance Reproductions/Advanced Ceramic Materials/Advanced Diamond Technologies/Advanced Energy Industries/Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)/Advanced Nano-Coatings/Advanced Optical Technologies/Advanced Research Systems/Advanced Surface Microscopy/Matterport. Private Company/BASF. Listed Company/Formlabs. Private Company/Twist Bioscience.Private Company/Dow Chemicals.Listed Company/TechStars. Private Company/Oxford Nanopore Technologies/Nature Works Private Company/PyroGenesis Canada Inc./Advanced Materials and Manufacturing/Rayonier Advanced Materials/Coorstek Advanced  Materials Hamilton/Advanced Polymer Materials Inc/Toda Advanced Materials Inc/Advanced Pavement Technologies/AdvanceTEC/Advano/Advenira Enterprises/Advion BioSciences/AEgis Technologies Group/AEP Technology/Aerotech/AFMWorkshop/AGI Abbie Gregg/Agilent Technologies/Air Products and Chemicals Inc./AIST-NT/AJA International/Akonni Biosystems/ALB Materials/ALD Nanosolutions/Alexium/Alfa Aesar/Alien Technology/Alio/Allegiance NanoSolutions/Alliance Test Equipment/Allwin21/Alpha Szenszor/Altogen Biosystems/AMAG Pharmaceuticals

    Materials Science Companies in Europe

    Gledco Engineered Materials/Erodex (UK) Ltd/2-Dtech/Advanced Hall Sensors/Advanced Material Development/Agar Scientific/Ancon/Andor Technology/Applied Graphene Materials/Applied Microengineering (AML)/Applied Nanodetectors Technology/Aquila Instruments/ATD Bio/BBI Solutions/BGT Materials/Bio Nano Consulting/BOC Edwards/BREC Solutions/Cambridge Display Technology/Cambridge Graphene/Cambridge Innovation Consulting/Cambridge Nanosystems/Cambridge Nanotherm/Carbolite/Ceimig/Cressington Scientific Instruments/Dolomite/Durham Magneto Opics/Edinburgh Instruments/Efficiency Technologies/Element Six/Elliot Scientific/Endomagnetics/Exilica/Fischer Instrumentation/Gearing Scientific/Gographene/Graphene Composites/Graphene Industries/GrapheneLab/Graphitene/Haydale/Heason Technologies Group/Henniker Scientific/Hiden Analytical/Hubron/Inanovate/Inex/Infinitesima/Intrinsiq/Isogenica/Keeling & Walker/Kelvin Nanotechnology/KP Technology/Labocon/LEL Group/Linkam Scientific Instruments/Hiden Isochema/Bituline Industries s.a/Crown Tiles/Davuka GRP Ltd./Eliza Tinsley Ltd/Goonvean Ltd./Grace/Inter Metal/James Burrell/Kents Direct/Latty International/Tremco Global Sealants/Lubrizol Advanced Materials Realty Europe BVB/Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe s.r.o/Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) Sàrl/Quadrant Plastic Composites Slovakia s.r.o./Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials AG/Morgan Advanced Materials/Sumika Polymer Compounds (UK) Ltd/Longfield Polymers/Formulated Polymer Products Ltd/Longfield Polymers/Axion Polymers/Alpha Polymers Ltd/UK Plastic Manufacturing/Northern Polymers and Plastics Ltd/ELIX Polymers/Ocean Polymers/Construction Materials Testing Ltd/Brick-ability Holdings Ltd/FlexiTrade/Lafarge Tarmac Ltd/B L Fixings Ltd/D H H Timber Products Limited/Designer Carbon Materials Ltd/Morganite Electrical Carbon Ltd


    Materials Science Companies in Asia

    Advantest/Alnair Laboratories/Ashizawa Finetech/Crestec/Elionix Scientific Instruments/Enplas/Fujifilm/Fujitsu/Fuso Chemical/Hakuto/Hamamatsu Photonics/Hitachi High-Technologies/Honjo Chemical Corporation/HORIBA Jobin Yvon/Hosokawa Micron Group/Jasco/JEOL KRI Inc./Kuramoto/Kuraray/Nano Control/Nano Corporation/Nanocarrier/Nanophoton/Nara/NF Corporation/Nikon/Nippon Shokubai/Nissan Chemical Industries/NTT Advanced Technology Corporation/Rigaku/Samco/Tokyo Seimitsu-Accretech/Topcon/Toray Industries/Unisoku/Zeon Corporation/Asia advanced materials sdn BHD/Advanced Materials Enterprises Company Limited/Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials/Hanwha Advanced Materials/Asia Building Materials Trading Company LLC/Sagar Asia Private Limited/Asia Material Resources Ltd/Material Procurement Asia Ltd/Dextra Asia Co. Ltd/Sumiden Electronic Materials (M) Sdn. Bhd/Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd./Sumitomo Chemical Asia/Asahi Kasei Corp./UBE Industries, Ltd./KANEKA Corporation/Kuraray Co., Ltd./Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd./Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd./Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd./Dow Chemical Japan Limited/Tosoh Corporation/Toray Industries, Inc./Toyo Styrene Co., Ltd./Japan Polychem Corporation/PS Japan Corporation/Prime Polymer Co., Ltd./Polyplastics Co.,Ltd./Mitsui Chemicals, Inc./Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation/Admatechs

    Materials Science Companies in Middle East

    Solvay in United Arab Emirates/3M United Arab Emirates/Applied Materials, Inc/Arabian Construction Company/Qurain Petrochemical Industries Co./Entekno/Grafen Chemical Industries/Inovenso/Nanografen/Nanografi/Alfields/Middle East Building Materials Co. WLL/Imperial Middle East Building Material Trading LLC/Trice Chemicals IND LLC/SchlegelGiesse Middle East Building Materials/Plaza Middle East/Boral Middle East Dubai LLC/Dextra Middle East in Dubai

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