Composite Materials

Composites are materials that are physically composed of two or more real or artificial components with different physical or chemical properties that are stronger than other materials. There are different forms of composites, one is polymer composites reinforced by fiber, and the other is composites reinforced by particles. Fibre-reinforced polymer composites also known as composites for the polymer matrix. Composites are commonly used in the making of tennis, aviation, rotor blades for helicopters, racquets for football, badminton and squash, and in boats like kayaks and dinghies.

•    Advanced Composite Materials
•    Automotive Composites
•    Polymer Composites
•    Ceramic Based Composites
•    Nanocomposites
•    Biocomposites
•    Metal matrix Composites
•    Polymer matrix Composites
•    Ceramic matrix Composites