Ceramic Materials

A ceramic is an inorganic non-metallic solid made up of either metal or non-metal materials, often crystalline oxide, nitride or carbide, formed and then heated to high temperatures. Ceramic materials are brittle, strong, compressive and stiff in shearing, stress and resistant to corrosion. Ceramics demonstrate very strong covalent (and/or ionic) bonding. Oxides, nitrides, and carbides are the main compositional groups in engineering ceramics. Engineering ceramics are used to produce components in various tappet heads, industrial industries, electronic devices and turbochargers etc. for applications.

•    Ceramic Cutting Tools
•    Ceramic Films and Coatings
•    Ceramic Lasers
•    Nanoceramics
•    Bioceramics
•    Advanced Ceramics
•    Brick and Structural Clay
•    Refractories
•    Ceramic art
•    Clay Ceramics
•    Structural Ceramics