Nanostructured And Structural Materials

Nanostructured materials are solid materials in the order of a few nanometres, with at least one characteristic structural dimension. In contrast to its optical, electronic , magnetic, or chemical characteristics, structural materials are used or studied mainly for their mechanical properties. These may involve a material reaction to an applied force, whether it's an elastic or rigid reaction, stiffness and strength. A nanostructure is an intermediate size between molecular and micro-structures.

•    Gradient multilayer nanofilm
•    Nanocages
•    Magnetic nanochains
•    Nanocomposites
•    Nanofabrics
•    Nanofiber
•    Nanofoam
•    Nanostructured film
•    Self-assembled
•    Quantum dot
•    Quantum heterostructure
•    Sculptured thin film
•    Nano WaterCube
•    fibre reinforced cementitious materials
•    Structural Mechanics
•    Nanoparticles
•    Nanopin film
•    Nanoring
•    Nanorod
•    Nanosheet
•    Nanotip
•    Nanowire