Materials Chemistry

Functional materials are building blocks of modern society and are playing a vital role in technological evolution. Materials Chemistry is important in providing the conceptual basis for the design, development and understanding of new types of matter, letting it be organic, inorganic or hybrid. From nanomaterials and molecular devices to polymers and expanded solids, chemistry is rising a range of new materials such as molecular filters, catalysts, sensors, molecular transporters, artificial scaffolds and light-emitting or electron-conductive ensembles, with the potential for large scientific and societal effects.

•    Chemistry-Biology Interface
•    Catalysis
•    Green chemistry
•    Crystal structure of materials and crystal growth techniques
•    Analytical chemistry
•    Organic and inorganic Substances
•    Organic Chemistry
•    Inorganic Chemistry
•    Physical Chemistry
•    Theoretical Chemistry
•    Micro and macro molecules
•    Atomic structure and interatomic bonding

Market Analysis: Building and construction materials are used worldwide for the fabrication of structures, earth supports, embankments, and excavation completion in the heavy industry materials industry and market. Coated glass, architectural glass, other finished specialty glass projects, cast and moulded steel (like re-bar and beams), pipe sections, blocks, bricks, tiles, flooring, drywall panels, piles, poles, pillars, and wires are examples of finished heavy industry materials for construction projects. For More Details:

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