Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed matter physics is a branch of physics that investigates the thermal, elastic, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of solid and liquid substances. It also studies the properties of large sets of atoms that structure natural and synthetic materials. The origins of condensed-matter and physics of materials lie in the early 20th-century developments of quantum mechanics. Since at ordinary chemical and thermal energy scales it deals with the properties of matter, condensed matter and physics of materials are the subfield of physics with the greatest number of immediate practical applications.

•    Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics
•    Topological Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics
•    Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
•    Gravitation Theory
•    Statistical Condensed Matter Physics
•    Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
•    Condensed Matter Field Theory
•    Disorder in condensed matter physics
•    Encyclopedic Dictionary of Condensed Matter Physics

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