Carbon and 2D Materials

Carbon products take many forms from graphene, black carbon, activated carbon, fullerene, graphite, carbon fiber, nanotube, and diamond. Such types vary significantly in the method of operation, structure, properties and manufacturing. Such carbon types are applied to natural, mechanical, electromagnetic, electrochemical, and biomedical applications.

2D Materials also known as single-layer materials are crystalline materials composed of one single atom layer. The applications of photovoltaic materials, semiconductors, electrodes, and water purification.

•    Carbon nanotubes
•    Uses on carbon Nanotubes
•    Acutators
•    Growth, synthesis techniques and integration methods
•    Carbon nanotubes and grapheme
•    Carbon nano chips and nanostructures
•    Transparent Conductive Materials
•    2D Metal Carbides and Nitrides

Market Analysis: The global advanced carbon materials market was valued at USD 3.06 billion in 2015, with a CAGR of 6.4 percent expected during the forecast period. Carbon foams are expected to grow at a 7.9 percent CAGR during the forecast period due to properties such as superior electrical conductivity and chemical inertness. Growing technological advancement in the electronics market, as well as rising demand for user-friendly devices, are among the major growth drivers of the 2-D Materials Market. For More Details:

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