Metamaterials are composite media with unique electromagnetic properties that can be engineered. These metamaterials, which are made up of subwavelength building blocks (mostly metals), allow for extreme control over optical fields, allowing for effects such as negative refraction to be realized. The properties of metamaterials are derived not from the properties of the base materials, but from their newly designed structures.

•    Semiconducting Materials and Devices
•    Smart Materials
•    Structural Materials
•    Thin Solid Films
•    Polymeric and Composite Materials
•    Quantum Materials
Market Analysis: During the forecast period, the market for metamaterials is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 24 percent. Increased R&D activities for various applications in the aerospace and defence, telecommunications, and consumer electronics end-user industries, among others, is one of the major factors driving the use of metamaterials. For More Details:

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