Smart Materials and Applications

Smart materials are materials with one or more properties that can be dramatically altered by external factors such as electric or magnetic fields, heat, moisture, light, temperature , pH, or chemical compounds in a controlled technique. Smart materials are also called sensitive or reactive materials. The Smart materials applications include sensors and actuators, or artificial muscles, particularly as electroactive polymers.

•    Renewable smart materials
•    Smart materials and structures
•    Graphene-based smart materials
•    Smart Functional Nanoenergetic Materials
•    Smart building materials and structures
•    Smart biomaterials
•    Smart Materials and Structures
•    Advances in Smart Materials and Applications
•    Magnetic smart materials
•    Piezoelectrics: Piezoelectric materials convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, and vice versa.
•    Shape Memory Alloys
•    Magnetostrictive
•    Shape Memory Polymers
•    Electroactive Polymers
•    Bi-Component Fiber
•    Semiconductor Photocatalysis