Energy Materials

The word energy material is used to describe any substance that would be able to react to energy release. Energy materials are a class of materials which can release large amounts of stored chemical energy. Energy materials include a broad class of materials that may have energy conversion or transmission applications. And, energy materials may also play a role in reducing current devices' power usage or output. Energy materials research is broad, extending from engineering devices. The category of energetic content is vast and involves everything from common fuels used to drive cars like gasoline and diesel, all the way up to high explosives like gun-powder, dynamite, and TNT.

•    Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion.
•    Electrochemical energy storage.
•    Tidal power.
•    Energy materials storage and fuel Cells.
•    Materials for hydrogen production.
•    Hybrid materials for energy storage and conversion.
•    Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)
•    Renewable resources
•    Solar Energy
•    Solar Systems Integration
•    Concentrating Solar Thermal for Electricity, Chemicals, and Fuels
•    Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, Modules, and Systems
•    Renewable Energy
•    Energy Storage & Grid Modernization
•    Solar Thermal
•    Batteries & Fuel Cells
•    Electric Grid
•    Grid Scale Storage
•    CO2 Capture, Storage & Conversion
•    Fossil & Nuclear Energy
•    Bioenergy
•    Geothermal
•    Renewable Fuels