Advances In Dielectric, Piezoelectric Materials And Electronic Devices

A dielectric material is a substance which is a weak electricity conductor but an efficient supporter of electrostatic field s. If the current movement between opposite electric charge poles is held to a minimum while the electrostatic flux lines are not impeded or disrupted, energy may be retained by an electrostatic field. Also used in the construction of radiofrequency transmission lines are dielectrical materials.
Piezoelectric materials are materials capable of generating internal electrical charge from the mechanical stress applied to them. The piezoelectric effect arises from the linear electromechanical interaction in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry between the mechanical and the electrical states.

•    Dielectric strength
•    Dielectric Materials and Applications
•    Dielectrics and Polarisation
•    Capacitor Dielectrics
•    Diffusion Barriers
•    Ferroelectric Materials
•    High-k on Gallium Nitride
•    Piezo- and Pyroelectric Materials
•    Piezoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting
•    Fundamentals of Piezoelectric Sensorics
•    piezoelectric crystals
•    piezoelectric Sensor
•    piezoelectric transducer
•    Fields in dielectrics conductors and magnetic materials