Materials Characterization, Theory And Modeling

Materials characterisation is the progression of the physical, chemical, mechanical and microstructural properties of materials being measured and determined. It describes the compositional and structural characteristics including material defects which are considerable for a particular preparation, properties study.

The theory of materials is a research area that focuses on the simulation, prediction, and design of materials. Using simulator-based methods based on theoretical solid-state physics and mechanics of materials, we can solve material behavior and predict material properties, develop model systems for materials in their complex application or industrialized context, and reduce them to the crucial factors.

•    Atomistic Modeling of Materials Failure
•    Materials Synthesis and Characterization
•    Advanced Structural and Functional Materials
•    Photorefractive Effects and Materials
•    Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials
•    Practical Materials Characterization
•    Materials Characterization and Mechanism of Micro-Cutting
•    Material characterization Techniques
•    surface characterization techniques
•    Recent Advances in Materials Characterization and Modeling
•    Advances in Non-destructive Materials Characterization
•    Building materials characterization, production & testing
•    Materials Characterization and Advanced Coatings
•    Ultrasonic Materials Characterization
•    Atomic Theory and Atomic Structure
•    Material balance analysis theory
•    Powder Characterization
•    Coatings Characterization
•    Dispersions Characterization
•    Progress in Materials Analysis