Bioinspired materials

Bioinspired materials are synthetic materials whose structure, properties and properties are those of natural or living materials. Bioinspiration is the creation of new materials , structures, and tools that are inspired by biological processes and biological evolution related solutions. Bio-Inspired Materials and Systems brings a diverse group of complementary researchers together to develop functional, programmable, and responsive materials for deployment in soft robotic systems.

•    Bio-inspired Materials and Sensing Systems
•    Bioinspired materials and surfaces for green science
•    Biological and bioinspired materials
•    Bioinspired Materials for Medical Applications
•    Bio-Inspired Material Design and Optimization
•    Bioinspired self-healing materials
•    Mechanically responsive materials across different length scales
•    Biologically inspired assembly of optical materials
•    Responsive bio-interfaces and surfaces
•    Dynamics of interacting cell-material systems